Webhook Posts


You must be thinking what is a webhook? Where it is used? What is the usage of it? And the most important why it’s used?

Webhooks are automated services, it is a way that the app can send automated messages or information to our system.

When something happens in the system then this service is fire and our system caches those services and can do according to changes in our system.

Let’s take an example of a stripe webhook

We have integrated Stripe payment gateway, we have according to payment fields in our system’s database. When our system user do the payment in stripe at that time payment is done in stripe, but now how will our system get to know about the customer has do payment or not?

When customer complete payment in stripe, it will send service(webhook) to our system which has information about customer payment detail, our system will cache this service, then our system will find that user in our system and if found then we can do payment changes in our customer detail.

August 28, 20201 MinutesauthorMonika Vaghasiya