A real-time chat application built on Laravel

Give power to application users to connect with each other with a modern and powerful real time chat system. InfyChat is a very powerful and optimized Chat system with bunch of day to day features like,

  • 1-1 Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Private vs Public Groups
  • Open vs Closed Groups
  • Typing Status and Read Receipts
  • Images, Videos, Audios and Document Uploads
  • User Online/Offline Presence with Last seen

Digital & All-in-one Library Management System

InfyLMS is all in one Library Management System to make any Library operation easy and effective. It is optimized to save time of day to day operation like,

  • Books and its Inventory Management
  • Authors, Publishers Management
  • Members Management
  • Books Categorization by Genres, Languages, Tags etc.
  • Book Allotments
  • Books Reservation by Members in Advances
  • User based ACL and much more

Project Management System

InfyProjects is an easy to use Project Management Tool with Task Management and Time Tracking that completes all your day to day project management needs.

  • Clients & Projects Management
  • Users & Roles Management
  • Task & Time Entries
  • Web Time Tracker(with Offline Tracking support)
  • File Attachments & Comments
  • Reports Management with Cost and many more.

Smart Hospital Management System

InfyHMS is a fully-featured all in one Hospital Management System with 55+ modules to manage hospital’s day to day operations digitally and easily.

  • Create and Manage Appointments
  • Beds Management
  • Blood Bank
  • Operation Report, Birth Report and Deth Report etc.
  • Laboratories & Pharmacists
  • Ambulance Management

The Complete & Modern Job Portal

InfyJobs is a complete Job Portal solution build on PHP Laravel Framework. It’s a complete Job Portal websites or Recruitment websites for Job Seekers, Employers, Job Search, Candidate Resumes, and Profiles.

  • Frontend Website
  • Admin Portal
  • Candidates & Employers Panel
  • Post Job, Search & Apply to Job
  • Manage Job Applications

Laravel CRM with Project Management

Manage & digitize the relationship of your customers. InfyCRM is a perfect solution to manage your Customers, Contracts, Projects, Products, Leads, Invoices, and much more.

  • Customers and Members Management
  • Invoices, Credit Notes, Proposal and Estimate Management
  • Tasks, Tickets, Leads and Projects Management
  • Articles, Contracts, Goals
  • Expenses Management